Производство и дистрибуция на патешки дроб, патешко месо и деликатеси
AVIS Ltd. - Foie gras and duck meat production
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AVIS Ltd. exports 98% of its production to leading companies from all over the World.

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AVIS Ltd. is a Bulgarian private company with more than 20 years of experience in duck meat and foie gras business.

Our company is a part of AMON RA Ltd - a fast-developing private company, raising approximately 750 000 – 800 000 Mulard ducks per year, while having  a closed production cycle, own breeding and feeding stations, fodder factory and the slaughterhouse AVIS Ltd. BG1102073EO.

During the years of business we have build our reputation as a strong and reliable partner, as well as one of the biggest Bulgarian exporters of
duck liver (foie gras), duck breasts (duck magret) and other duck products.

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Penka Todorova
Managing Director

Associacion of the Meat Producers in Bulgaria

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